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It is necessary to agree with the privacy policy for registration.

Terms of Service and Handling of Personal Information

When you use this service, it means that you have read, understood, and agree to the following contents of "Terms of Service and Handling of Personal Information."

Terms of Service

[Definition of IRS]

IRS means totally the search site for job applicants and job offering companies on the Internet and related services, operated by International Recruit Supporting Organization. Users of IRS shall bear a responsibility for information they input for IRS.

[Change of Terms of Service]

The Terms of Service are subject to change without notice for any reason whatsoever.

[Change or Stop of Service]

The site can change or stop all or a part of the service at any time. When the service will be changed or stopped, the site shall notice it to the users in advance in whatever way possible. However, in unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters, the site can stop the service without prior notice. Even when the users suffer a loss or damage due to change or stop of the service, the site shall take no responsibility.

[Restriction of Liability]

Under any circumstances, the site shall take no responsibility for use or misuse of the users of the service including cases of use via third-parties. The Restriction of Liability shall be applied to avoid direct, indirect, accompanying, consequential, peculiar, disciplinary, and/or punitive compensation for loss regardless of whether the loss is due to warranty, contract, intentional or accidental illegal act, or others, even if the site receives intimation for possibility of such a loss in advance. The Restriction of Liability shall be applied to any losses including what is caused via a third-party, regardless of whether they come of use or misuse of, or dependence on the service, unavailability of the service, and abort, temporary stop, or termination of the service. The Restriction of Liability shall be applied to inobservance of essential purposes according to preventive means for rights violation to the maximum range approved by the law.

[Prohibited Matter]

The users must not do the following acts in IRS

  • * Registration and supply of false information.
  • * Infringement of any legal rights including third-party's copyright, trademark right, right of privacy, and right of portrait.
  • * Requesting money from jobseekers.
  • * Act leading to criminal action.
  • * Outrage against public decency.
  • * Action of antisocial activism.
  • * Law violation or outrage against public decency, or possible act of those injustices.
  • * Supply of information for profit with the use of information obtained in IRS.
  • * Any acts interfering the IRS operation.

[Content of Search Result]

IRS automatically searches information of the job applicants indicated on the web site and crates search results. IRS does not check contents indicated as the search results for any purposes other than classification of categories. Although IRS asks the users to enter correct information, IRS shall take no responsibility for correctness, reliability, integrity, legality, morality, and copyright license of the information indicated as a result.


  • ◎ Japanese laws shall be applied to the relation between the users and IRS.
  • ◎In case of usage of the following IRS related and associate organizations, the Terms of Service shall be also applied:
       Asian Fellowship Society (Competent ministry: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
       Affiliated company: domsk Corp

Handling of Personal Information

[Definition of Personal Information]

Information or combination of information that a person has, allowing identification of that person

[Purpose of Personal Information Supply and Usage Range]

The job applicants register their personal information in advance for the job placement service. The information is used for contacting job-opening information of the job offering companies, and never used for any other purposes.

[Amendment and Deletion of Personal Information]

When amending or deleting the registered personal information (canceling the membership), a said person shall operate the procedure immediately.

[Cancellation of Registration of Personal Information]

If any one of the following issues is revealed, registration can be cancelled without approval of the said person.

  • (1) Misrepresentation of personal information, career, job evaluation, and certification
  • (2) Significant damage to companies, concerned parties, IRS, and any third parties, due to intentional error
  • (3) Violation of laws and ethical morality of conventional wisdom


IRS is not a recruiting company. It is an incorporated company for providing information in order to support job-hunting of international human resources. Therefore, IRS does not take part in decision of adoption or rejection. The registered job offering companies and the job applicants shall decide adoption or rejection in a sincere employment test.